Price Guide – Removalists in Adelaide

In summary, the cost of removalists in Adelaide is determined by the nature of work, volume, items, time, distance, and other factors. However, on average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $140 and $150 per hour if you hire two removalists to handle the job. If you hire three removalists, it will cost you about $180 per hour including GST.

What is the cost of a removalist?

Moving isn’t an easy job. If you want to move on your own, be it a small house or some furniture, you will first need proper moving boxes, then you will pack everything. After this, you will need a truck and a skilled driver and at least two more people who will help you pack, unpack, load and unload all the items. Or you can simply call a professional removalist who will it all for you. But the cost of a removalist can be a challenging situation. Every removalist comes at its own cost. And also, the cost differs from service to service and depends on a number of factors. So, you should first have an estimate of the cost of removalists.

Do I need a removalist?

Removalists can make the process of moving easier and safer. Since they are professionally trained for this job; their demand keeps increasing as people move from place to place. Have a look at the situations where you need a removalist:

-         If the process of moving gives you stress due to physical labor and safety concerns.

-         If you have enough money to pay the removalists to work for you.

-         If you don’t have enough time and are stuck at some other work.

-         If you have some heavy, bulky, fragile, delicate or antique items at home.

-         If you have items which need professional hands

Check various types of moving and their price list

The table below mentioned gives a slight idea of the cost of moving the items. This is a common price list for reference purposes only.

Removalist Service

Price Guide

Removalist Service

Price Guide

Apartment Removal

$ 100 - $239

Bed Removal

$50 - $150

Piano Removal

$80 - $200

Packing & Unpacking

$75 - $150

Mattress Removal

$50 - $86

Appliance Removal

$80 - $180

Office Relocation

$80 - $210

Fragile Item Removal

$62 - $214

Heavy Lifting

$50 - $140

Interstate Removal

$250 - $900

What are the average hourly rates earned by removalists?

On average, a removalist in Australia charges anything from $20 to $26 per hour. If the removalist works for his/her employer, the charges will be more than this. However, a removalist may earn more than this in case s/he does over time.

In most of the situations, people will want to have the moving work done during weekends or after office hours. If the removalist does over timing, the earning may reach to $40 per hour. This may include tips and bonuses.

The average removal cost of a 3 bedroom house may range from $1400 to $1600. This price includes the packing services at $250 and disassembly at $125.  If you have a small house of 1 or 2 bedrooms, the cost can be around $1200 to $1300. However, the price changes due to several factors.




Removal Company

Loading, transport & unloading



Expert packing (items & furniture)


Packing Materials

Boxes, wrapping, tapes, papers & covers


Disassembly & Reassembly

Taking down furniture to prepare for packing


Storage service

Storage facility (1Month)


Cleaning Service

Full house



3 Bedroom Apartment


Average Moving Price List

No. of Bedrooms

Average Rate

Average Expert Packing Costs













Removal Service Cost List

Removal Service

Packing Cost (Per Packer – Per Hour)

Cost Per Hour (Minimum 2 Hour)


Storage space if you aren’t able to move immediately

$30 Per week

Disassembly & Reassembly

Assembling and disassembling furniture


Parking Permit

Parking in front of the property

Cost depends on the area and trade association

$15 per hour


Old and new house

$15 per hour

Piano Removal

Removing and replacing doors and windows for easy access

Care and special equipment for safe removal

$120 - $480

How to calculate the removal cost?

The cost of removal work depends on various factors. Therefore, when you plan to move, you need to keep these factors in mind so that you can have an estimate of the cost. Some of the major factors are mentioned below:

a. Volume – The volume is measured in m3. The size of the vehicle and packing supplies will depend on the volume of your items.

b. Accessibility – This means how easily the removalist can enter your old home and new home. If the area is too congested, the vehicles may not be able to pass and this will require some extra efforts including smaller vehicle. This will also increase the cost.

c.   Distance – The distance of your old house to new property also changes the cost of move.

d. Time – The expensive days are holidays, weekends, month ends etc. where the price s are always higher than the other days.

e. Services – The cost can also change on the number of services that you may need. Packing, unpacking, storage, cleaning, dismantling etc. will cost you more.

f.    Special items – if you have special items such as fragile items, antique, delicate things etc., you will need safety and packing & wrapping materials. This will also add to the overall cost.



Questions ask about removalists in Adelaide

We always get customers asking questions about Removalists in Adelaide and we have tried to address them through this FAQ section.
The cost of removalist depends on the nature of work, type of items, distance etc. However on an average, if you hire two removalists for the job, you may have to pay anything around $100 per hour. Hiring three removalists will cost you around $140 per hour.
The cost of moving also depends on the distance of the move. However, hiring a removal company for a 3 – bedroom apartment will cost you around $1400 dollars. If you are moving interstate or more than 50KM from your location, the price may increase.
The number of removalists depends on the work. Generally, two removalists should do fine. But if you have a bigger house and you hire two removalists that would take a lot of time. You will end up paying extra money.
An experienced removalist will take around 4 to 5 hours to pack a house of 3 bedrooms. Also, as per the hourly charge which is around $100, you can estimate the total cost.
You will notice that some removalists do not mention the transit insurance cost in their quote. Hence it is your responsibility to get the things cleared in the beginning. Your total budget is likely to be increased in case of transit insurance.