Top Ten Tips for a Stress Free Move

Top Ten Tips for a Stress Free Move  Jun 21, 2019 Top Ten Tips for a Stress Free Move  Admin 160 view(s)

Moving house isn’t an easy task. It is full of stress, planning and consumes a huge amount of time. Be it a local move or interstate, or even if you have to move in the same building from one floor to the other, you need a lot of planning. For the people who are working professionals, it becomes really hard to do so considering the office work and other things. Organizing the move brings lots of troubles.

But you can save yourself from all the stress and hardships of house moving. If you properly plan and organize your move, it will help you a lot. Proper organization will not only save you from these hardships but will also give you complete peace of mind without getting worried about anything wrong. You will have ample time and energy to relax and de-stress yourself.
Here are a few tips on the easy and stress-free move which can help have a nice move.

1. You should make a checklist of move
It is better that you make a checklist of the move that you are planning. This checklist will help you a lot in organizing things and in scheduling your time while you are engaged. Through this checklist, you will come to know what you have to do and what is remaining to be done. You can make this checklist on a paper or on your smartphone. List out everything and work accordingly.

2. You should your items early
There are people who generally do the things on the last night. And packing is one of those things. However, if you have to move your home, packing the night before the day won’t help you; it may lead to problematic situations. It is better to start packing a bit early so that you can plan your time properly.

3. You should check what you need & what you don’t need
A very important thing while packing is to check what things you need and what things you don’t need. This saves time and space. There are several things at home which you may not need when you move. So packing them and carrying them will only give you trouble. Hence, decide what you need. The things which you don’t need can be sold or donated.

4. You should paste lists on all the boxes
This is a very important strategy. When you are packing things in boxes & containers, you should always label the boxes. Write down the names of the items in the boxes. All the boxes should have a list of the items placed in it such as kitchen items, personal care items, washroom items, stationery, etc. This will help a lot and will avoid the mess.

5. You should keep your children away from home
If you have small kids, it is better to keep them away from the home while moving. Maybe you can leave them with your grandparents or any relative. This will help you a lot. You have to bother again and again for caring for your kids. Packing is a tiring task and your house will look like a mess. You will not like to run after your toddler while packing.

6. You should make a document box
Making a separate box for your documents is a great help. You can keep you all important documents in one box including your bank documents, certificates, passport, bills, etc. Keep this box with you safely when you have to move. Ensure that you give proper attention to this box and don’t end up losing it else you will be in great trouble.

7. You should have flexibility
There is always a probability that things may not go as per your planning. There are moments when you plan for thing A and all of a sudden thing B takes place and you have no control over it. Hence you should be flexible enough to plan and work accordingly.

8. You should visit your new place before moving
It is highly recommended that you visit your new place before moving. You should be familiar with the location properly so that you don’t have to deal with problems after moving. Better to walk around and check the supermarkets, clinics, police station, bus stops, etc. You may need anything anytime in your new place.

9. You should always keep a survival kit for moving day
You shouldn’t forget this. You should always keep a bag with all the essential items that you may need on the day of the move. This includes some toiletries, first aid medication kit, a pair of clothes, towels, light food, mobile phone charger, water bottles, etc. You should keep this bag with you. You have a small kid, you should also keep the necessary things with you which can be needed anything.

10. You should hire an experienced and professional removalist
The most important thing while planning your move is to hire a professional removalist. It doesn’t matter if you to move locally or interstate, a reliable removalist company is professionally trained for handling removal tasks. The removalist company also knows how to move a house with complete safety without any damage. If you move by yourself, there are changes in some damage or you will be in great trouble. But hiring a professional removalist will save you from all troublesome situations. You will also save a lot of time.

The above mentioned tips are really helpful and are used by people when they have to plan for the move. Using these tips, you can save yourself from lots of difficulties and stress. Moving to a new place isn’t a cup of tea for everyone. And a removalist can be a great help. Make sure that you hire a professional and experienced removalist for your move.
Also, before hiring a removalist, do check the reviews/feedback given by the people like you so that you can get to know about the removalist you are going to hire. 

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