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Moving around the world is challenging and equally thrilling. Moving from one place to another creates fresh memories and makes great friends. Going to a new place is always a desire and should be stress-free. You should plan your international move correctly and wisely. Your decision could also influence your money and relationships. Hiring international removalists can answer to your many problems.
There are many international removalists who has the tailor-made service to meet any requirements in Australia or around the globe. You should hire a removalist who has the right knowledge and can help you in a successful international relocation.

Things to look

Worldwide know-how

Moving internationally is not an easy task. It is important to be aware of the latest information at the global platform. As an international removalist, they should have the right facts on matters such as:

  • Climate Situation
  • The health of people in that zone and zones precinct
  • Safety of the citizens
  • Documentation like (Visa's and work permits)
  • Overall local expertise of the area
  • Things which can be sent and which cannot be sent

Insurance services
The items are automatically protected under insurance if you are moving internationally. Check the type of insurance that you are covered with your chosen international removalist. This way you will be able to protect your items and save some money. Factors which influence the type of insurance:

  • Type of transport
  • Distance of your move

Read the insurance terms and conditions to get more information.

Price of the quote
When you are moving internationally the procedure to generate price is different.  The steps to quote your price are:
Step 1
When you choose your international removalist an expert from the business provider will come at your home. The expert will make all the details of the items .
Step 2
Once all the details are taken, an expert team will review the details and quote will be generated. This quote consists of three main elements:
·         Origin services- any service components that are finished in Australia which can include (but is not limited to ) loading, packing, and customs documentation
·         Sea Freight- the organization of the shipping and arrangement of all the appropriate documentation.
·         Destination Services – any service components that are finished in the country of destination which can include (but is not limited to) storage, customs inspections, and delivery of items to the new location.
These are the elements on which the quotes of international moves are based.

Size and Weight allocation
International parcels are charged according to actual weight.
Things which can be sent and which cannot be sent internationally
There are few items which can be sent and some are strictly prohibited. Few items which can be sent and which can be packed easily are:
·         Books
·         Mobile Phones
·         Shoes
·         Clothing
·         Bottles
·         Watches, etc
These are the examples of items which can be sent. There are many more items which you can send internationally. Now, there is complete section dedicated to the items which cannot be sent internationally. According,  to the Australian Postal Corporation(APC) the items which cannot be sent internationally or interstate  are divided in few sections. The sections are as follows with few examples:
Section 1: Quick reference to common restricted or prohibited articles
·         Aerosols
·         Ammunition
·         Anti-knock motor fuel additive
·         Asbestos, etc
Section 2: Dangerous goods prohibited in all services
·         Explosives
·         Radioactive material
·         Lithium batteries
·         Flammable solids- Substances liable to spontaneous combustion, etc
Section 3: Other good restricted or prohibited in all services
·         Bullions
·         Live animals
·         Perishable foodstuffs
·         Sharp and pointed articles, etc
Section 4: Restricted or prohibited goods in International Post
·         Few drugs and pharmaceutical products
·         Native flora
·         Military goods
·         Sporting firearms, etc
Section 5: Interstate prohibitions and restrictions
·         Firearms
·         Weapons
·         Ammunition, etc

These are few sections which determine whether the item can be sent or will be stopped within Australia.
Other services
Cleaning: International removalist should be able to clean the relocating house.
Pet Relocation: Pet relocating should not be stressful as they are your family. An international removalist should be able to relocate your pets also.
Car Relocation: A business provider should carefully transport the vehicle from one country to another.
Make sure to plan your international moving so that you save the hassle and have complete peace of mind.

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